New Science-Backed Herbal Solution, It Cures Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Staphylococcus, Vaginitis, UTI And Gives Your Immune System A Boost To Fight Infections, Diseases & General Body Weakness

It Completely Cures STIS, UTI AND STDS within 21 days!!!

Stop the pain, The inching and The Embarrassment. Stop STIs, UTI and STDs Naturally!

STIs [Sexually Transmitted Infections], UTI [Urinary Tract Infection]  and Sexually Transmitted Diseases [STDs] have been a source of embarrassment to both men and women of almost all ages and social status. Names like Idi Amin, Adolf Hitler, Al Capone, Abraham Lincoln, Oscar Wilde often come up when discussing syphilis. 

Some of these diseases or infections don’t even require their victims to be sexually active or to have sex with a carrier before they get the infection or disease – like from a pregnant mother to her unborn child! Annie’s first brush with vaginitis was at age 12 and Mabel’s experienced same because of longer than usual periods of flow. 

Most of them can go unnoticed before the signs show.

A person with Syphilis can go from 1 year to 20 years showing no serious signs of the infection. However, the destructions like miscarriages in women; painless sores in both sexes; low birthweight, bloated stomach, fever and irritability in babies.

In several cases, they misdiagnose these things. For example, Diane (45) had Vaginitis which the hospital misdiagnosed as a yeast infection and when treatment failed, they diagnosed something else and even conducted a surgery on her 

I was having chronic vaginal discharge and pain. Just rawness, pain and discharge constantly. The external skin would crack and bleed. I was miserable at work. I would fake it enough for people not to know anything was wrong, but after work, I’d sit in my car and cry.

Once I am home, I would bundle myself in this big old ugly house coat. It’s all my family knew me to wear for years. Clothes and underwear were miserable to have next to my skin. They made the situation worse. One doctor suggested not wearing underwear at all.

From a military, where I was first admitted, I bounced from doctor to doctor to doctor, who would try anything they could think of. In my quest, I met a doctor who said “I believe the female anatomy is built wrong”! And in just 1 year, they prescribed me a dozen medications and anti-fungal treatments for a yeast infection I didn’t have. Meanwhile, I was having heavy vaginal discharge and heavy bleeding. 

Some doctors said I was approaching menopause. Another team said to me, “If we just numb that area, then you won’t know you hurt”. Another suggested, “If we can’t figure this out, we can just remove your cervix and uterus.” None of them came close diagnosing me of vaginitis!

Gradually, my life was slipping away from my hands. I could no longer enjoy fun rides with my husband. I could no longer hike with my husband. I love sewing, and I’d experience so much pain when sitting in front of the sewing machine. My family saw a completely different person. I had massive amounts of stress and pain, and the genital area got so red. Some nights, I couldn’t sleep. My body became hypersensitive to everything. If there was a vaginal odor, I just didn’t want to be around other people. What if they could smell what I smell?

Within 10 years, I had seen between 12-16 doctors. Eventually, a gynaecologist suggested suggested cryosurgery: the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze my cervix. I was lying on the table and the machine broke. They had gotten some but not all of the areas [of cervical tissue] they wanted. So I didn’t get the benefit of the treatment, and I still had to go through a very uncomfortable post-op period with all the bleeding and discharge of dead tissue.

Next, the gynaecologist prescribed hysterectomy. His reasoning was that if the problem were eliminated – meaning my cervix, tubes and uterus – then the situation would go away. The surgery took three hours, not the usual one-and-a-half as my husband and I were told to expect. The doctor gave me no real answer as to why. He just said it was way more complicated than he anticipated. He said he removed a benign mass on my uterus and declared, “Problem solved!” But the problem was far from solved.

After the hysterectomy, I had all the same symptoms, all the same problems of pain and vaginal discharge!

Women like Diane are still experiencing the same misdiagnosis around the world and a non-invasive end doesn’t seem to be in sight for them…but it could be for you

The best care is on your side

Innovative Blend

We have blended our products to give you the best results and lasting relief within the shortest possible, with no side-effects. Our blends are 100% Natural. No additives.

Personal Treatment

We have packaged our combo to give your health a total boost and cut down on your visits to the hospital. So, you are not just getting a treatment for STDs and STIs

Focused Care

2 Packs blended to cater for STIs and STDs like Staphylococcus, Vaginitis, Syphilis and Gonorrhea.

No Surgeries

Except in rare cases, treatments for STIs and STDs don't require surgeries. Misdiagnosis can lead to a surgery. However, the Infection Capsules + Immune Booster combo eliminates misdiagnosis and surgeries by giving you a wholistic, non-invasive approach to tackling the infection or disease

Each Product In The Combo Pack Has its unique Benefits:

Infection Capsules

Treat and Cure Toilet Infections, UTI and STDs like

  • Gonorrhea
  • Syphilis
  • Vaginitis
  • Staphylococcus
  • Candidiasis
  • Itching of Private Parts & hotness of the Body Always
  • Frequent Urination
  • Discharge from Privates with Dad Smell
  • Cloudy Urine
  • Purse from male organ
  • Premature Ejaculation & weak erection
  • Scanty Menstrual Flow
  • Moving sensation all round the body
  • Low sperm count & Watery Sperm
  • Blockage of Fallopian Tube
  • Painful Menstrual Period

Immune Booster

Boosts body immunity to fight against Diseases and reinfection

Improves Bloody circulation 

Detoxifies the blood

Formulated to help the body get rid of toxins

and promote healthier elimination

Promotes the body’s natural detoxification process

Eliminates heavy metals from the body


Our Customers share their experience

My husband got diagnosed of the staphylococcus aureus and we tried several drugs but none seemed to work for him. We needed a permanent solution. That’s when I saw your ad
online and convinced him to go for the INFECTION CAPS and the other solutions in the package.

After using it for a month, he went for tests at 2 different labs and the results came out negative! Thanks for this. I’m recommending the products to my friends with any of such symptoms.

Blessing – Ikeja, Lagos

Blessing, Lagos

I had the same STD for almost 4 years and it caused me much torture and mental anguish. The several antibiotics I tried had one result in common: the symptoms were back after one week.

The constant and irresistible itching in my private part was the most embarrassing thing – I itched in pubic and in my sitting room.

I came across the INFECTION CAPS Combo herbal remedy for STDs and STIs and tried it. I went to the hospital and the result came out negative.

Now, I can say I am healed of the STD. I’ve ordered some for my wife to use as well, I’m so grateful and want my friends to know about the product.

James Adedayo, Abuja

I had a concern that I have gonorrhea because of the whitish discharge I was getting. My husband also gets a white milky discharge from the tip of his penis in the morning and some come out after urination. So we used 500mg of an antibiotic for some time. Unfortunately, it did not work.

I stumbled upon your write-up online, and ordered for the INFECTION CAPS combo and we started using it.

Within 3 weeks of using the herbal treatment, the symptoms were gone. We went for a medical checkup, and the results were great. Thanks so much easing our pains and saving us from this embarrassment.

Efe, Warri

Time To End The Pain, Itching, Embarrassment & Unnecessary Losses

You too can experience similar results as you bring an end to the pain and embarrassment that come with most of these infections. Not to mention the body weakness, infertility and miscarriages they cause.

How Much The Infection Caps by Havan Naturals Cost & How To Order

Single's Pack

Starter for Singles
25,000 One Month Supply
  • Infection Caps - 1 Pack
  • Immune Booster - 1 Pack
  • Free Delivery
  • Pay On Delivery

Couple's Pack

For You & Your Loved One
45,000 One Month Supply
  • Infection Caps - 2 Packs
  • Immune Booster - 2 Packs
  • Free Delivery
  • Pay On Delivery

More Customers share their experience

After using the INFECTION CAPSULES Combo you recommended, I noticed my erections are now stronger and the symptoms of toilet infection in my system gone! Thanks for recommending this.

Audu Bako, Kano

I’m surprised this same staph I treated in the past 2 years with hundreds of thousands of naira in tests and treatments in top medical centres in Abuja with no positive improvement, just got cured using your INFECTION Treatment combo for couples completely cured us.

Udeh, Lagos

We have done another test after finishing the pack, and it came out negative.

The small boils all over my body and my wife’s have dried up, the internal heat gone, and that worm-like movement has stopped.

All these results within 17 days of starting the STI treatment with the Infection Capsules, Organic Detox and Immune Booster. Thank you so much for bailing us out.

Timothy, Port Harcourt

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