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After 9 years of endless embarrassment, 43 years old Babagana (not actual name) finally found a solution to his erectile dysfunction.

How It Started – Babagana

I had suddenly come down with some kind of fever in July 2011. Thinking it was the usual thing, I simply used some local herbs…

But there was no considerable improvement. Worse of all, my erection wasn’t so there. My penis wouldn’t erect throughout the day…it was so bad I didn’t know if my bladder ever got filled to use the toilet. Even when I tried cuddling my very attractive wife all night just to catch an erection, nothing happened!

I thought I had gone impotent, and this went on for months until I manned up and went for a test. My doctor told me I had Malaria and Typhoid fever.

I noticed my erection returning once I began treatment, but it wasn’t what it used to be. My once solid erection would lose traction and I would spill before I knew it…

Depression quickly set in: s3x was no longer exciting to me and my wife was not getting the satisfaction she deserved. Tension everywhere and I went through this for 9 hellish years until a friend introduced me to the Real Man products just after they eased the lockdown in 2020.

“Within 7 days of using the recommended combo and dosage, I discovered my guy was now responding well to stimulus; I was lasting longer in and on my wife; my wife suddenly has a glow about her…

Boy, with the depression gone and new love-making records set, my confidence increased as I could now go as long as I wanted. Plus, I am no longer afraid that someone would try to make passes at my beautiful wife.

There was a time when I was the one telling stories why I cannot browse; now, my wife is the one telling me the port is overheated and needs to cool off so the system doesn’t crash 😉

I am glad my friend introduced me to the Real Man combo from Grop Mart.”

You can win your s3x life back; re-ignite your love life and be the man she would rather be. Yes, it is possible to unleash your bedroom greatness again…without using Viagra or anything close….

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Each pack of Real Man Sexual Health & Real Man Choco contains  7 ingredients and are 100% natural with no side effects and over 10 years of research intended to refine the products and the results you get to their finest.

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Adeola Badmus
Adeola Badmus
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3 years into our marriage, disaster struck: I began having difficulty to stay long during sex. I was cuming too quickly than usual. I was told I was experiencing quick ejaculation. Me and my wife tried everything and every style or method we could. Friends recommended a few things, but after 18 months it began to look like my condition was becoming permanent. Gradually, me and my wife started drifting apart. We had quarrels over little things. Overall, my wife remained faithful and loving, just desperate to have her bubbly husband back. One day she walked home with package containing the Real Man products. She said one of her friends who knew about my situation told her about it. At first I doubted it but decided to give a try. That night marked a turnaround in our sex life after more than 3 years. By the 14th day, me and my wife were inseparable: there was a unique glow about her I haven't seen in a long time and this made her extremely attractive for some good loving...My marriage is saved; my sex life has received a boost and I am enjoying my Real Man products
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Too much affected my dick. Erection was weak and I don't last long inside any pussy. I was less than a 2-minute man. Then, my friend who is a full time playboy introduced me to the Real Man combo. Guy, dis tin dey work! Even though I doubted him because he said he got it online, it dumbfounded me with the immediate results I got from the Instant Erection capsules. The tin wow me sha! I dey fuck with swag now!

Frequently Asked Questions About The Real Man Products

  1. How Safe Are The Real Man Products? Each product in the Real Man package is made from carefully researched, selected and refined natural herbs which have been in use for at least a THOUSAND years and are well known for their massive benefits as aphrodisiacs. They are internationally known and their consumption is lawful (not prohibited). 
  2. How Long Before I Start Seeing Results? Results may vary from person owing to several factors. However, to err on the side of modesty and moderation, noticeable results occur from the 14th day from the day of first use. There are people who have seen results as early as the first to seventh day.
  3. How Do I Use Them? Our products are consumable. You will get directions for use sent to your WhatsApp for easy reference.
  4. What Is The Recommended Pack? The most recommended pack is the Big Boss Value Pack (3 Months Pack), followed closely by the Smart Guy Pack (2 Months Pack). These packs are for those who desire to see lasting results. The 1 Month Pack and the Solo Starter Pack are for those who just want to give our products a try. 
  5. Is The Packaging Discreet? If you are referring to how we package Real Man for delivery to you, yes, it is discreet. The privacy of our customers is important to us and we ensure your interest is protected when we ship your package out to you. 

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