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real man

REAL MAN is formulated with 8 finest natural ingredients which are know to help males increase their performance, stamina, desire sex drive, treat premature ejaculation, weak erection and penis enlargement. A completely natural proprietary formula, REALMAN is the result of
10+years research into sexual performance by our research team and is the perfect daily supplement for male sexual health.



for harder, bigger penis
Real man

Real Man is formulated for men who want to improve their performances, stamina and sexual health. This hardcore formula should only be taken as directed and you will actively see and feel its intense result.
Each serving of 2 capsules contains a potent 1000mg proprietary blend of Leprieuri, P. guineense, Maca, Tribulus,Fenugreek, Gorontula, Yohimbe, Ginkgo biloba. Real Man is the male performance product which will gives you the lasting energyto overwhelm your partner.

You want to improve your performance in bed? Having trouble with physical intimacy?

Having quick ejaculation or weak erection? Stressed out? Small Penis? Doomed by fatigue? No energy?

If your answer is YES to any of the above questions, then pay close attention to what follows below. It has the power to change your life!

Males of the modern era are a stressed lot. With deep imbalance in their personal and professional life, their health takes a toll and results in all sorts
of health and mental problems.

So what can a man do? In this ever competitive world, it is increasingly becoming difficult to try and balance one’s lifestyle. To help men with this serious issue, experts at Havan Naturals has formulated REALMAN with premium, clinically supported natural ingredients know to support healthy sexual function in men.


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