How My Terrible Stroke Made Me DISCOVER This ‘Secret Balancer’… That Over 2854 Nigerians Are Now Using To Naturally Normalize Their Blood Pressure… Saying “Goodbye” To Tiredness, Pain, Fast Heart Beat, Anxiety…And Now Living And Enjoying More Comfortable, Healthier, and Happier Lives…

Dear friend,

My name is John Adekunle, and in the next few minutes…

You’re going to see how you can bring your blood pressure to safe levels…

Without strenuous exercise… without taking any of those nasty medicines again… without any

surgery or sorts…

And it doesn’t matter whether your doctor has told you to stay on the prescription medicines


It seriously doesn’t matter if you’ve tried several solutions that didn’t work for you.

And it also doesn’t matter how long you’ve been diagnosed with high blood pressure.

See, this unique solution I’m going to show you has been tested and proven by qualified


To bring blood pressure to safe levels by activating and boosting the performance of a

‘channel’ in the main artery that supplies blood to your kidney (more on that later)

As you continue reading till the end of this page…


You’ll start to see how this could be the unique solution that would set you free from pain,

tiredness, anxiety, fast heart beat…

And every other nasty thing high blood pressure has made you suffer from…

And how it could start to make you healthier, happier, and pain-free for the rest of your life.

Just like it’s done for:



Abel Opara

I want to say thank you very much sir, when i first contacted if you could remember, i told you i have tried many products with no result but you assure me to use your and that will be my last bus stop. i am happy to tell you that after 5months i was still thinking my blood pressure will still go up, but it has been stable after using your complete treatment 3months pack. Thanks for the encouragement you gave to me. I will always tell people about you people, i am happy and healthy. My wife said i should thank you people.

Femi Shola

 Last Friday, I want to the hospital to check my BP, the doctor was very surprise that by blood pressure which use to be 160/90 is now 122/75. he just kept asking me what did i do.  I want to thank you for my health my brother, apart from the products i been following your advise on what to eat and what what not to eat, Exercise and the rest.

And see…

I’ve also had my own share of the pains, tiredness, and frustrations high blood pressure brings. In fact, it almost KILLED me. That’s why it’s called a ‘silent killer’. 

It could do it to anyone and at any time unless they get rid of it once and for all.

See, I’d never forget dropping down in front of about 117 of my family members and friends. It was a bright sunny Tuesday around 5 years ago.

It was the naming ceremony of my newly-born daughter….

And while it was supposed to be a day of happiness for me… High blood pressure made it the worst day of my life.

You see, before that day, I felt very healthy with the joy of being the proud father of a bouncing baby girl… But I didn’t know something embarrassing was going to happen to me later during the day. I was dressed up in my white ‘native wear’, shaking my body dancing…

Until I suddenly started feeling very weak and dizzy with a pounding feeling in my head.


I was really panicky and shivering…   And before I knew what was happening, I found myself lying helpless on the hospital bed.

It was when I woke up that the doctor said I had suffered a stroke at my daughter’s naming ceremony. And at that point, tears flowed freely down my face.


It was like a heavy-weight lifter punched me deep in my stomach. I was terribly sad that I couldn’t enjoy my daughter’s naming ceremony.

Instead, I suffered a stroke, in front of 113 friends and family members.

That was humiliating to me… As I don’t know all what they said behind me. They probably blamed me for my high blood pressure.

Maybe they talked about how I ate bad foods… Or that I had high blood pressure because of heavy alcohol and smoking…

Which is not true at all. work as a business consultant for a multinational company in Lagos, Nigeria — which is one of

the most stressful cities in the world.

And as a responsible head of the family, I had to work hard to take good care of my wife and kids… So I’d get up early in the morning — most times at 4am —so I could beat the Lagos heavy traffic.

And the drive from Ikorodu to Ikoyi every work day was as stressful as hell. Not only that, but I had to supervise a whole team, stick to deadlines, shout at unreliable

contractors and suppliers… Get to work very early and usually be the last person to leave…

Doing all these every day was so stressful that I literally had no time for myself. And since I was always on a tight deadline… I never had the time to exercise regularly or even monitor my well-being. I just kept working, and working and working more… But I didn’t know I was causing serious problem for my health.

But because of all these stress, my health started to decline slowly that I did not even realize it at first.

But when I started feeling tired when I got back from work… Coupled with severe headache banging both sides of my head… I knew I could break down finally if it continued like this. I even thought paracetamol would solve it, but there was a limit to what it could do.

In short, it was when I saw myself lying helpless on that hospital bed…

When the doctor told me I suffered a stroke that I knew I had gotten myself into something

really serious.

Since then, I’d always wake up with pain all over my body. My chest, palm, shoulder, neck, thighs, buttock, ankles would always ache me that I couldn’t

even sleep at night. Instead, I’d always spend time thinking about it. And even aside from aches, the heat throughout my body didn’t make me sleep at night.

It always felt like my skin was on fire despite having a normal temperature. I’d never felt like that before then. In fact, I used to see myself as that ‘fit guy’ and didn’t ever think I was going to suffer from high

blood pressure. See, I was scared to death. It was pure discomfort on and off. It was even difficult for me to walk in a straight line due to dizziness, shortness of breath, and headaches.

All this severe toture… at just 37 years old. I even remember the time I said I wasn’t going to check my blood pressure readings for 10-15

days… But it didn’t take long before I started thinking and worrying if my blood pressure is not normal…

‘what if it’s too high’, and that made me restless and anxious to check it. To be honest, it was difficult living like that.


I was seriously tired and depressed… And I would always think and worry about coming down with a heart failure or a stroke which obviously doesn’t help with the bp.

And it’s not like I was not doing anything to help my situation. I had tried different solutions, and while some worked for a while and stopped working… Others didn’t even work at all.

See, I tried Amlodipine 10mg…

And although it worked for a while, I ended up with headaches, tiredness, and dizziness… Plus after a small research I did, I discovered that the long-term side-effect of Amlodipine is that it kills the erectile muscles of your sex organ. I also tried Forever living products, but I felt weak.

My energy was low. I’d feel drowsy and tired. Not only those, but I also tried Cardiovax, B-carotene capsules, Propolis lecithin capsules, Cordy

royal jelly capsules, Clopidogrel tablets 75mg, Valsartan, Aldomet, Nifedipine, Ramipril 2.5 mg,

Arjuna Cardiac wellness supplement… You name it, I tried them all… But some of the drugs were always giving me headaches.

Some made me start urinating frequently like a 3-year-old child… Not forgetting the nasty tastes of the drugs, which made me vomit countless times.

Plus the cough, constipation, and dizziness I got from taking them. I couldn’t even perform well in the inner chamber.

My ‘gbola’ was always refusing to stand for a long time.

Those expensive drugs drained my pockets. I used different medicines several times and they just didn’t work for me. My wife Helen was so worried she was ready to do anything else to make sure I brought my blood pressure to safe levels.

In fact, because of my high blood pressure and the terrifying symptoms that came with it…


I couldn’t go to work for over five months… And that drained my family financially because it took away all the money we’ve been saving to

finish building our house. I know I had disappointed my wife by letting high blood pressure deal with me till this stage.

I mean, my beautiful Helen was always loving and supportive… But I didn’t want to die and leave my family stranded alone without a husband and father at the

age of 37. At this point, I had gotten so frustrated and tired of everything that I blamed myself for letting

high blood pressure deal with me for so long. The suffering got unbearable that I even blamed God for letting this happen to me.


Not even forgetting those people who didn’t really understand what I was passing through and would always blame me…

But I thank God that I had not already given up before I found this ‘Secret Balancer’ solution that a medical doctor abroad shared with me through my office colleague.

(3 strategic testimonials) So when I discovered this solution, I knew that I had to let as many people as possible know

about it… So they could say ‘goodbye’ to tiredness, pain, and anxiety… And start living and enjoying a healthier, happier, and longer life.

I’ll show you all the details about this solution… I’ll show you all the research behind it…


And I’ll even show you proofs to back my claims up. Not only that, but I’ll also show you how a 1325 BC discovery has been scientifically proven to

normalize blood pressure.

But before I do, let’s take a brief look at the dangers of high blood pressure. Damaged Heart You see, if you currently experience chest pain or irregular breathing…

It’s actually because there is too little blood flow to your heart.

And if your high blood pressure isn’t put to safe levels… You could suffer a heart attack. Not only that, but high blood pressure forces your heart to work harder in pumping blood to the rest of your body.

And this makes the lower left heart chamber — or left ventricle — to thicken… Which may eventually lead to heart attack, heart failure and make your heart die finally.

Sexual Dysfunction

You see when you have high blood pressure… The flow of blood to every part of your body gets restricted… And this is because of your blood vessels and arteries tightening up. And when enough blood doesn’t flow to your penis, you wouldn’t be able to keep an erection as

a man…

And as a lady, your vagina may get dry, and it might be difficult to achieve the mind-blowing orgasms you’ve always had.

Think about how bad it would be when you can’t have shattering sex like you used to. So in a sense, these symptoms are a result of not enough blood flowing to your reproductive organs.

Trouble sleeping 

If you have high blood pressure, you probably have a problem with falling and staying asleep…

And about 70% of people with high blood pressure suffer from Obstructive sleep apnea…… where they make humiliating loud snoring sounds and disturb their spouses from enjoying a peaceful sleep. Not good at all.

Even worse, when they can’t sleep, their blood pressure shoots up… And that just shows how high blood pressure keeps you stuck in a cycle of pain and suffering

that never ends.

Vision Loss

High blood pressure can cause damage to the small blood vessels that supply blood to the eyes. And damage to these blood vessels can make the eyes bleed, make vision blurry… Even worse, it can make you lose your eyesight completely.

Brain Damage.

You see, the brain depends on a steady flow of blood to work properly. And someone suffering from high blood pressure may experience something called Transient

ischemic attack (TIA) — which is sometimes called a mini-stroke. TIA is a result of disturbed flow of blood supply to the brain caused by hardened arteries or blood clots.


Now, when TIA isn’t controlled, it leads to a stroke which occurs when part of the brain doesn’t get the necessary oxygen and nutrients it requires, causing brain cells to die. Blood clots can also form in the arteries leading to the brain due to high blood pressure… And this can block blood flow and later cause a stroke.

Even worse, high blood pressure can make you lose your memory. Just imagine how embarrassing it would be when you struggle to remember your children’s

name again… Or how sad you’ll feel when you struggle to remember dates, facts, little things that you’ve stored in your memory since you were born — all because of high blood pressure!

You see, it was when I suffered a stroke at my daughter’s naming ceremony… That I started studying these things when I got back from the hospital.

I mean, I had started putting in more efforts to study the ‘silent killer’ that was making me suffer for so long… And probably find a solution to the menace.

And it was after all the research I had done that I became more serious about finding a solution to my high blood pressure.

Because why not? I didn’t want all of these dangers to happen to me.

I was not going to expose myself to more pain and suffering after 5 years of being dealt with by

the ‘silent killer’ So when all the recommended solutions I tried didn’t normalize my blood pressure… But left me with nasty side effects and almost put me in debt…

I found one that has been proven to work by professional scientists.


In fact, it was an office colleague — who also suffered from high blood pressure — that made it  possible. So when I gisted him about my own ‘stroke story’…

He didn’t even let me finish talking when he said he has a uncle who could help me. He told me his own ‘high blood pressure’ story and how the solution introduced to him by his uncle made him free. And that seemed like the best moment for me. I got to know that his uncle, Mr Frank, was an health researcher living in America …

And has been researching about blood pressure for 23 years. He told me his uncle was coming to Nigeria for a wedding party.

So he shared his contact with me. Long story short, I started talking with Mr. Frank and he summarized what blood pressure really is.

He said, “Since you know that every part of your body needs fresh blood to function properly… Your heart’s job is to pump blood through some tube-shaped parts — which are called arteries

— to parts of your body like your brain, your eyes, your kidney, your private parts, and so forth.” But unfortunately, as you get older, your arteries become tighter and narrower.

And when these important arteries become tighter… It causes trouble in your body in the sense that… Your blood can’t flow as easily through your arteries anymore.


So this force of blood as your heart pumps it through your arteries is what’s called blood pressure. In other words, you have high blood pressure when the blood pushes against your artery walls with more force than is necessary. This forces your heart to work harder to push blood through your body… And that extra work makes your heart bigger, weaker, and causes dangers like stroke, vision loss, sexual dysfunction, brain damage, memory loss, and so forth. So in short, all of these dangers started with stiff arteries.

In fact, breaking news research just published in Science Daily — a top science website — confirmed that tight arteries are a major cause of high blood pressure.

This happens because the aging process makes your blood vessels tight and stiff.

Dr. Gerald, a manager and director of the Doulton Cardiovascular Research Center, and a Professor of Medical pharmacology and physiology in the School of Medicine at the University of Missouri has said: “arterial and vascular stiffness occurs through the normal process of biological aging and is associated with an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. As we age the arterial which normally acts as a shock absorber and dampening the pulse associated with each heartbeat tightens and becomes rigid, causing a host of problems including high blood pressure, increased risk of adverse cardiovascular events and even death.”

Now that we’ve talked about the real cause of the problem, there should be a solution to it, right?

Here’s the thing…

Researchers from St. George’s University of London have gone deeper in their research to really know more about how arteries cause high blood pressure.


So they discovered that there is a potassium channel called Kv7.4 in your arteries that keeps

them relaxed. Now, when this Kv7.4 channel can’t function like before, the arteries tighten up, leading to high blood pressure.

They discovered that this channel is in the main artery supplying blood to the kidney – the renal

artery. So the reduced functioning of this renal artery causes a reaction inside the body, and this increases blood pressure.

And kidneys that do not receive enough blood respond by secreting an enzyme called ‘renin’.

And once this has been produced… It travels around the body instructing blood vessels to tighten up, which makes your blood

pressure rise. So unlike anything you’ve ever been told, you can only bring your blood pressure to safe levels if you activate and boost the performance of the Kv7.4 channel.

Now some little-known herbs have the nutrients that activate the potassium channel called

Kv7.4 in your arteries.

And this makes your arteries relax which lowers your blood pressure. This is just what you need. This is why everything you’ve tried to lower your blood pressure has not worked for you in the past. You see because everything you’ve tried in the past did not activate this Kv7.4 channel…

Your past efforts of the diet, strenuous exercise, medications, and supplements have failed to

work well for your blood pressure. Because now blood can travel freely from your heart to all the parts of your body to make you healthier.

People like you have used these herbs for hundreds of years to lower their blood pressure.

But the multi-billion dollar drug companies have tried their best to keep this information hidden

from the public…

And that’s why you’ve never heard about these herbs until now. They want people to continue buying their prescription drugs — that don’t work, with nasty side effects — so they keep making their billions. These nutrients have been scientifically shown to potentially activate the Kv7.4 channel… Make your arteries more flexible, promote healthy blood flow, and help you enjoy normal blood pressure.

Mr. Felix then told me about the three best herbs that he discovered in Japan to manage blood

pressure and how each works.


The first powerful herb is, Wild Yam (Dioscorea Villosa)


You see, researchers at Xinjiang Medical University found that Wild Yam works well to lower

blood pressure. These researchers used laboratory rats with high blood pressure for the test.

They fed them with a water-based solution of Wild Yam for 6 weeks… And the results showed that Wild Yam reduced both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. So in a sense, Wild Yam helps you lower blood pressure and even cholesterol levels.

 The second effective herb he told me about is, Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica)

When researchers studied 22 people with high blood pressure…

They found a decrease in systolic and diastolic blood pressure in most respondents after

consuming Centella Asiatica tea. And they concluded that Gotu Kola helps lower blood pressure.

Not only that, but Gotu Kola can boost your memory to help you remember things faster and

more easily… Also, it helps to heal stretch marks and even prevents new stretch marks from forming. It even promotes liver and kidney health which makes you healthier and live longer for your family.

Now, the third herb is Garlic (Allium sativum) which you’re probably familiar with.


And according to PubMed Central — a highly respected database from the National Institutes of

Health… Allicin — which is the main active compound in garlic — has been found to help normalize blood pressure…

By preventing the production of ‘angiotensin II’, a compound that is also responsible for

increasing blood pressure by causing your arteries to tighten up. And because of this, allicin’s effects make it easier for your blood to flow freely which reduces

your blood pressure. In fact, researchers have found that garlic supplements may reduce systolic blood pressure (the top numbers) by 6.7 mmHg and diastolic blood pressure (the bottom numbers) by 4.8 mmHg with no side effects.

The fourth herb is Curcuma Longa/Turmeric

Studies have actually suggested that curcumin — which is the active compound in turmeric —

may improve the functioning of your arteries, increase blood flow and normalize your blood

pressure. Not only that, but it can also lower the risk of heart attacks, possibly through its

anti-inflammatory effects. In fact, in one study of 121 people undergoing coronary artery bypass surgery…

Researchers divided them into 2 groups. They gave the first group a placebo (an ordinary test drug with no active ingredient in it)… And gave the second group 4 grams of curcumin to take per day a few days before and after the surgery.

The result of the study showed that the curcumin group had a 65% decreased risk of experiencing a heart attack in the hospital. Now that’s huge because curcumin will not only help to normalize your blood pressure, but it’ll also help to save you from all the dangers of high blood pressure we talked about earlier. Can you now see how this could help you live a healthier, pain-free life…. Where you do anything you want, without worrying about an ugly heart attack or a stroke. 

The fifth herb is Abere seed (Hunterian Umbellata)

Abere seed which is also called miracle seed has been reported from various studies and

research works to help lower blood pressure…. In a journal of Pharmacology and Therapeutic Research…

Researchers conducted a study where 25 female adult Wistar rats were given 8% of salt for 2

weeks and shared into 5 groups with 5 animals in each group. Now, 4 groups were given normal blood pressure medicines while the last group was given

extracts of Hunterian Umbellata.

The blood pressures of the animals were taken before and after salt treatments at a weekly interval. And amazingly, the test results showed that because of the Hunterian umbellata seed extracts given to the last group…

The systolic blood pressure (numbers on top) of the hypertensive experimental animals reduced

from 159.20 mmHg to 136.25 mmHg… …while the diastolic blood pressure (numbers below) reduced from 103.80 mmHg to 80.25 mmHg.

In short, while blood pressure medicines didn’t give any significant results, the extracts of

Hunterian Umbellata lowered the blood pressure of the group.

The sixth herb to consider is Plantain (Musa x paradisiaca)

Potassium is the main compound in Musa × paradisiaca…

And it’s also an efficient herb to boost the normal functioning of the heart, nerves, and muscles.

Not only that, but it helps to regulate blood pressure and lower the risk of stroke and other

dangers associated with high blood pressure.

Plus, potassium contains vitamin B6, which helps to reduce the risk of heart disease and

improve your mood.

In fact, in a study consisting of 16 people… The results of the analysis of the average systolic and diastolic blood pressure before therapy

were 147.81 / 95 mmHg… But after they were given Musa × paradisiaca extracts…

The average systolic and diastolic blood pressure after therapy reduced to 125.31 / 84.38 mmHg.

Imagine that. From 147/95 to 125/84. 

This is the difference between dangerously high blood pressure and a reading that most doctors

would not even consider bad.

Mr. Frank also talked about a bonus ingredient called the Black Seed(Nigella sativa)…

Which also works greatly to lower high blood pressure. And amazingly, people have used this particular seed to make medicine for over 2000 years.

In fact, the seed was discovered in Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1325 BC.

And over the years, studies have confirmed that black seed could help to improve the flow of

blood. Now, black seed garlic doesn’t only lower blood pressure….

But it also helps to lower cholesterol levels, prevent the spread of cancer, and boost the

immune system.

In fact, early research suggests that taking black seed extract twice daily 8 weeks could improve

blood pressure.

See, whether you believe it or not… Herbal medications are still the most effective drugs to manage and control high blood pressure globally…

And the most amazing thing is that they’re with no side effects. People who have seen their powerful effects on their blood pressure are now swearing by it…

And are confessing that it’s the best realization they’ve ever had after Big pharmaceutical

companies hiding it from them for several years.

Now here’s the thing. When you consider the science behind these six ingredients…

You would think all doctors are recommending them to their patients…

But unfortunately, it’s not like that. The truth is, more people — even doctors too — could benefit from learning about natural health.


These six ingredients I mentioned are 100% natural, with no side effects, and the scientific

evidence shows they really help to support normal blood pressure.

But if you can find all six of these herbs, you would still spend a lot of money trying to get the

high-quality forms of these ingredients…

Which are not cheap, trust me, I know from personal experience.

And also, even though there are some supplements out there that combine some of these

ingredients… Most of them don’t contain the same dosage in clinical research.

And it’s even very difficult to trust just any random supplements you find online or in shops…

Since you’re not sure that they’ve been tested for purity or contain proven quality ingredients.

So I realized that I needed to find a special solution… Something that people could trust…

And that’s what I introduced to the medical research team at a standard lab in Kaduna, here in


They’re a team of nutritional scientists and expert formulators.

So when they heard about the research behind the six ingredients I mentioned earlier…

They decided that before they could turn it into something they’ll give people to take…

They’d test the ingredients themselves, which they did.

So they started working on it, and after almost two years of trial and error…

They found success by producing a highly potent and highly trustworthy blood pressure



Something that contains all of the six ingredients I told you about today.

Then they turned it into easy-to-swallow capsules that won’t cause any gut problem at all.

They gave me the capsules in a pack so that I could start taking them to lower my blood


And I’d be lying if I say I wasn’t skeptical because of the countless solutions I’ve tried that didn’t

work for me.

And I wasn’t also sure if the combination would be strong enough to lower my blood pressure

since I’d been diagnosed since 5 years back…

But we agreed my blood pressure would be measured regularly for 21 days.

To be honest, I was still skeptical about the whole thing…

But because I didn’t want high blood pressure doing more damage to my life, I convinced myself

to try it out.

On the first few days after taking it, I saw my blood pressure go down from 197/92 to 172/81.

Plus I was less anxious. I was calm, and my overall mood improved.

Well, I wasn’t so excited as I felt that I could be experiencing a placebo effect…

And it wasn’t until the 13th day that I measured my blood pressure, then I saw my numbers

drop again to 145/72…

Plus I continued to feel stronger, calmer, and happier.

And believe it or not — on the 21st day, my blood pressure was at 113/75…

I couldn’t believe it.

My heart beat became normal and steady…

I went days without feeling tired.


I even slept peacefully the night before like a baby and literally felt no pain.

In fact, I can almost say it wasn’t up to 3 mins that I laid on the bed that I slept off.

I was so happy to the point of tears…

When I went to my doctor and told him about it, he was really surpised and even asked for what

I’d done to my body.

I’d won the battle against the terrible high blood pressure.

While this worked for me, I wasn’t really sure if it’d work for anyone else with high blood


So we decided to give the capsules to the few friends I knew whose blood pressure was high…

And on the 21st day — for some, it was even less — they reported similar results.

In fact, they said it was different from anything they’ve ever tried.

It felt so wonderful for me and several other people to be hale and hearty.

You see, as soon as you start using this 100% safe and effective method…

You’ll start enjoying a speedy relief from your terrible high blood pressure…

Because your numbers will start going down until they get to the normal levels…

And because of that, you’ll start enjoying maximum peace of mind and comfort…

Which means you’ll now start doing all the fun things you thought you’d never do again.

You’ll finally say ‘bye’ to tiredness, pain, and anxiety…

You’ll stay alive for your family and kids and spend more quality time with them.

If you take them out, you’ll enjoy every moment of the hangout…


Because you won’t worry about when any nasty stroke or heart attack is going to come from.

You’ll be free — and be a complete, healthy person again.

You’ll enjoy a healthier, pain-free, and long life filled with energy and strength to do any task at

all you want to do.

By now, you’re already seeing just how perfect this is for you…

But wait till you see how to get this method into your hands and start enjoying these benefits as

fast as possible.

So after seeing how well it worked for the people who used it, we decided to call it:                  

                                      CARDIO CARE……….

Which is the formulated into CARDIO CARE — so you could get maximum results with minimum efforts. Yes, Healthy heart is such a simple name, but the fact remains that it does what it says it does.

It brings your blood pressure back to normal levels… Plus gives you the healthiest heart possible. 

CARDIO CARE Capsules helps to:


● Normalize your blood pressure and reduce the risk of other heart-related diseases. You’ll

continue to live a healthy, pain-free life.

● Promote the functioning of your brain and improve your mental focus and memory so

that you’ll maintain laser focus during every task you do and remember anything at all.

● Prevent the spread of colon cancer, gall bladder cancer, rectal cancer, breast cancer,

prostate cancer.

● Helps to restore lost libido so that you’ll start having mind-shattering sex and leave your

partner asking you for more.

● Prevent heart problems, stroke, brain thrombosis. In short, you’ll be free of worrying

about suddenly getting struck by a stroke.

See friend, I can’t wait for this to get into your hands so you start enjoying other benefits like:

● Living a happy, healthy, and independent life again.

● Setting yourself up to be enjoying a more comfortable and relaxed life for many months

to come.

● Getting your independence back and enjoying delicious foods again.

You see, there’s literally no limit to the healthy life you could start enjoying after using the 


Which was produced in a serene lab with quality facilities and qualified personnel…

And tested to ensure maximum potency and purity…

All this just to make sure it’s safe and so you get results from taking it.

And since Blood Pressure Balancer is made up of herbs gotten from nature, it comes with ZERO

side effects.

Even since we’ve been giving it to people to try out, they’ve never reported any side effects.


It’ll work for you no matter how many ‘solutions’ you’ve tried that didn’t work for you…

It’ll also work for you no matter how long you’ve been diagnosed with high blood pressure…

Whether 2, 5, 20, 35 years… It will work.

And in the first 7days, within a few hours when you start to take CARDIO CARE, you’ll


● Improve energy, strength, willpower

● Improved concentration and focus

● Reduced cravings

And more…

Then in about 14 to 21days, you’ll start seeing your numbers getting reduced till it stops at the normal levels.

Just like it did for me and Over 2854 Nigerians and still counting

You see, this is different from any method and solution you’ve ever tried. And that’s because CARDIO CARE includes ingredients that get to the root cause of
your high blood pressure and help to fix it…
By activating the potassium channel called Kv7.4 in your arteries… Which makes your arteries function efficiently to lower your blood pressure and bring it to normal levels.
It’s the reason why everything you’ve ever tried hasn’t worked…
And you’ll never get the results you desire until you activate this Kv7.4 channel.
See, the reason you’re just knowing today is that the Big pharmaceutical companies have been
hiding it from you all this while…
Just because they want to keep getting selling their ‘zero-potent’ drugs to you…
So they keep making more money to the billions they already have…
And leave you suffering, without ever getting freed from your high blood pressure.
What’s even worse is that they have now become so greedy that the drugs they produced now
can complicate issues and make you suffer from the dangers of high blood pressure like vision
loss, sexual dysfunction, etc.
I was really angry at them when I discovered all these… But there was nothing I could do.
They have so much power and backings that anybody who made any noise could get himself
and his family in danger.
While other drugs and supplements only act as band-aids… work for a while, and then stop
CARDIO CARE targets the root cause of your hpb, fix it, and continue working to
normalize your blood pressure.
And you won’t even have to do any strenuous, difficult exercise to make this work for you.
You’ll even get to reduce the money you spend to manage your blood pressure every month…
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A normal life where you start each day with a huge burst of energy to perform tasks well and
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See, if all these sounds like results you’ll be interested in enjoying…
I’m happy to hand over Healthy Heart Capsules to you.
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Instead, only on this page, and while this website remains online…
You’ll get a pack of CARDIO CARE — for the small and 100% risk-free investment 
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And I’m happy about giving you this opportunity because after seeing how terrible high blood
pressure cut my dad’s life short and dealt with me too…
I want to help as many people like you as I can by making it as easy as possible for you to try this
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Perfect Bundle

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Soft Landing Bundle

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Big Saver Bundle

3 Months Supply Comphersive Treatment
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  • Free Nationwide Delivery
  • Payment on Delivery


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