Forget going through hell to get into shape! Grab this safe, fast-acting and easy-to-use solution for anyone truly serious about losing weight, maintaining a hot shape and staying healthy. Remember: It's Safe, Fast-Acting and easy-to-use

No Intense Exercise Required

Neck-breaking, military-styled exercises can wreck damage to your body's muscles and tissues, making your weight loss results a very painful experience. There's a better way to blast the mass of fat you are now carrying around.

No More Dangerous & Ineffective Pills

Most weight loss pills recommended over the counter or at the hospital are toxic and leave a mass of mess behind. Here is something 100% NATURAL!

Say Goodbye to weight loss hell

Running stomach or nauseous because of some weight loss thingy you took? No more! Lose weight with visible changes and still enjoy yourself doing it

forget about skipping meals

Why go fasting if you know you could easily down 3 plates of your favourite delicacies in one go as soon as the fast ends? Yeah, the tummy fat you sent away all day, you welcomed back in 30 minutes! Ditch the (non-spiritual) fasts and still get better results

This is no fluff or bluff: our slimming products are among the best in the country! Read one independent review of one of our slimming products here.

Ingredients & Benefits

Belly Blast Vegi Capsules
Belly Blast Tea

Why Excess Body Fat Should Bother You

The crave to eat fatty and junk foods is real. Equally real are the health risks devouring such foods can cause.

For one, these foods increase the volume of visceral fat in the body. While a healthy size of this is usually at 10% of the body mass, an uncontrolled increase results in excess body fat which can cause:

  • Type 2 Diabetes. Increased abdominal (or visceral) fat causes increased risk of Type 2 Diabetes and further complications in already known diabetic condition. In fewer words, excess fat accumulates on the liver, interfering with its sugar processing/conversion functions increasing the risk of developing diabetes or complicating an existing case by causing insulin resistance.
  • Premature Cardiovascular Disease. This includes hypertension, sleep disorder (apnea: loud snoring, fatigue, somnolence, short-temperedness, morning headaches, insomnia, and more); stroke; dyslipidemia or irregular blood lipid levels.
  • Cancer. Being overweight (having excess fat in the body) causes serious types of cancer and gives a list of 16! 
  • Death! This is the ultimate outcome of paying less and less attention to the fat being accumulated in the body. Obesity has bereaved countless families. Overweight has orphaned many children and widowed several couples. You won’t be the next!

blast the fat...without going through hell!

The individual usually resists the idea of blasting belly fat because it challenges the status quo. It puts pressure on you to break some unhealthy habits. It requires some level of discipline you are not ready to give.

It means giving up on those tasty junk or fatty foods you relish so much. But have you thought of the consequences on your health, your finances or even your loved ones? I am sure you have that’s why you are still on this page. 

Before blasting the fat, imagine:

  • The hot, sexy shape you will emerge with
  • The huge savings off junk or fatty foods
  • The health benefits of not being overweight
  • Wearing the clothes you love
  • The quality of life you would live and long life!

The taste of those junk and fatty foods you enjoy eating so much cannot replace the possibility of living longer, spending more time with your loved ones, or can it?

Belly Blast is a very effective (and very simple) method for anyone who seriously wants to lose weight and get the desired body shape quickly (quick). No need to go through the hell of struggling, intense exercise and ineffective, dangerous pills or drugs… (It’s healthy and simple). Belly Blast Vegi Capsules and Belly Blast Tea are 100% Natural, with no known side effects!


This superb Belly Blast weight loss formula is a game changing mix for Nigerians, age and sex notwithstanding. 100% blend of natural herbs and one of the best weight loss blends in Nigeria. This mix…

✔️Gives you the perfect waistline and attractive shape by destroying belly fat

✔️ Improves fat metabolism rate

✔️ Eliminates bloating

✔️ Fights toxins

✔️ Boosts energy and overall health

✔️ Keeps appetite in check 

✔️ Reduces fat stored in the liver, making it excellent for people with Type 2 Diabetes

✔️ Improves the function of the fat burning hormone

✔️ Reduces fat absorption from diet

Ingredients & Benefits

Belly Blast Vegi Capsules
Belly Blast Tea

How to Use

Belly Blast Vegi (Organic) Capsules

2 Capsules twice daily

Belly Blast Organic Tea

1 Teabag daily 









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Frequently asked questions

Belly Blast is a unique weight loss formula which is 100% Natural and developed from no less than 10 years research, testing and fine-tuning. 

Belly Blast tea and capsules are highly potent and will deliver effective results when used as prescribed. For example, you cannot take a jug of the tea or 1 capsule twice daily and expect maximum results 

When we say No Side Effects, we meant every word. It’s a bit of an overkill, if not embarrassing, if you must visit the toilet a countless number of times because you want to burn fat; not counting if these calls come in the middle of an important business meeting, interview or while at work! Belly Blast DOES NOT purge NEITHER does it cause vomiting.